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Decepticon forces have discovered a hidden deposit of precious Energon. Use your arsenal of weapons to destroy Decepticon hordes in this strategy game before they can return this “Dark Energon” to their master, Megatron.

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10 LordMegaChaos31 1,168,070
How To Play 
  • Play as Bumblebee, Arcee, and Optimus Prime to stop the Decepticon march.
  • Deploy a maze of turrets to divert and destroy Decepticons. Click on the sidebar to choose resources, then click on the ground to place them.
  • Each time your tower destroys an enemy, you earn XP. You'll need a lot to level up and earn more Command Points.
  • Use Command Points to upgrade your combat abilities.
  • Change the Autobots to vehicle mode to boost your turrets' strength.
  • Speed up game play by hitting the Fast Forward button on the bottom sidebar. Watch out for surprise attacks from Megatron, Soundwave, and Starscream! They can disable your turrets!