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About This Game 

Help Arcee navigate the frozen trails of Antarctica to recover an ancient Ionian Relic buried in the ice in this awesome action game. Score big points for hi-tech tricks and collect energon cubes for fuel, but watch out for draining dark energy pits. Stay chill and roll out!

1 CommanderLightBlade11 31,218,272
2 MegaDragon0322 28,811,016
3 SuperFire0628 22,731,951
4 SuperFire0628 14,595,476
5 CommanderLightBlade11 4,377,453
6 CommanderLightBlade11 4,183,848
7 LadyLovelyDancer08 474,785
8 CommanderLightBlade11 431,929
9 MegaTwistedWarrior11 391,203
10 GreatMagicalPony15 345,524
How To Play 
  • Use the arrow keys to move Arcee across the ice. Press UP to accelerate, DOWN to brake, LEFT or RIGHT to lean forwards and backwards, and SPACEBAR to change directions.
  • Follow the signs to reach the Ionian Relic at the end of the course. 
  • Beware of pits filled with dark energon. These take away energon and return Arcee to the start of the course.
  • Combine keytrokes to perform mid-air tricks and earn extra points!
  • Earn even more points by picking up point multipliers scattered throughout the course.
  • Energon Protectors protect Arcee from losing energon for a limited time.