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About This Game 

If you were on Cybertron, what Transformer class would you be?  Leader? Scout? Soldier? Technician? Brawler? Interface directly with the Cybertronian Personality Matrix activity game and find the answer. This sub-routine on the Vector Sigma supercomputer assigns class designations to all Autobot and Decepticon models. The Matrix will analyze your answers to to 10 randomized questions and then reveal your Transformer class. 

How To Play 


  • Click the "Activate" button to begin the analysis.
  • You will be asked a series of 10 randomized questions.
  • Your answers will reveal the personality traits you share with the five known classes of Transformers:  Leader, Scout, Soldier, Technician, and Brawler. 
  • When the Matrix is complete, your class will be known.
  • To repeat the analysis, activate the Matrix again. It will present new questions.