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About This Game 

Bulkhead is on a high-level mission for Optimus Prime. The goal? Collect energon, dark energon, and scraplets over multiple missions. The challenge? Destroy Eradicons, blast through obstacles, evade enemy fire, and navigate all six levels to complete the mission. Are you ready to join Bulkhead's quest in this great blasting game? Go!

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How To Play 
You'll find instructions in the game too, but remember:
  • Preview each level to see which obstacles you'll need to clear.
  • You have to collect items like energon, dark energon, and gems to beat each level.
  • Move BULKHEAD left and right with the arrow or A and D keys.
  • Make him jump with the up arrow or W keys.
  • Use your weapons with the space bar or a left mouse click.
  • Switch weapons with the 1 or 2 keys, or by clicking on the weapon icons at screen bottom.
  • Use the wrecking ball to destroy obstacles, nearby enemies, and turrets.
  • Use the Blaster to neutralize Eradicons at a distance.
  • Look and listen for enemy turret fire.
  • Remember to keep your health up by gathering energon!