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About This Game 

In this awesome action game, the Aquabats are on their way to a gig when the Battle Tram conks out. Hey, no biggie! It's a walk in the park ... literally!  But THIS park is full of villains, so the band must vanquish them all to reach the gig on time. Each Aquabat has different superpowers, so be sure to use them all as you collect super-power-ups and keep all the band members in good health! 

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How To Play 
Your objective: Help the Aquabats reach their gig on time.
  • Use the arrow keys to move, and the AWSD keys to battle.
  • Grab all your Aqua-Power-Ups! Look for shield, health, and Superpower quick charge icons.
  • Change heroes often to stay perky. Use keys 1 - 5 to change characters quickly.
  • Each hero has different Aquabat Superpowers. Use them all ... wisely!
  • If the Power button is fully charged, click it or tap the space bar to use Superpowers.
  • Watch your yellow energy bar -- don’t let anyone's health run out!
  • Get them to the gig ... on time and in good health!