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Strawberry Shortcake and her friends make matching pictures oh-so berry fun! How quickly can you match them all? It's a puzzle game you're sure to enjoy again and again!

1 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 160,770
2 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 158,370
3 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 155,970
4 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 153,570
5 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 151,170
6 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 148,770
7 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 148,710
8 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 146,370
9 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 146,310
10 ChiefCharmingBeauty07 143,970
How To Play 
  • First, click on a card to reveal the picture on the other side.
  • Next, click on another card and see if that picture matches the other one. If it does, you've made a match!
  • Keep flipping over cards until you've matched all of the cards.
  • When you've matched them all, you win!