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About This Game 

Tick tock, beat the clock! Spell a word to keep the clock running. The higher you score, the more time you get. Use all of your letters before time runs out. It's a sprint to the finish in this Scrabble board game!

1 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,291
2 CaptainAmazingSpirit01 1,210
3 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,198
4 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,184
5 CaptainAmazingSpirit01 1,169
6 CaptainAmazingSpirit01 1,162
7 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,157
8 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,155
9 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,149
10 KingInvincibleWarrior48 1,146
How To Play 
  • Make words by clicking on the letter tiles or typing on the screen.
  • Look at the bottom right corner of the letter tile to see which letters are most valuable.
  • Use your high-point letters on the colored bonus squares to increase your score.
  • Beat the clock by making words before the timer runs out! The higher you score, the more time you get.
  • Earn extra points -- use all 64 letters before the time runs out.
  • If you get stuck, exchange tiles for new letters or click the Hint button.