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About This Game 

Have you ever wanted to take care of a pup? Now is your chance to show off your skills! The more you play with, groom, wash, and dress up your pup in this activity game, the happier it will be.

How To Play 

Your Mission: Help take care of the Pound Puppies gang.

  • Start by choosing a puppy.
  • Click on the colored arrows at the bottom of the screen to wash, feed, groom, play with, and dress up your pup.¬†
  • Each time you do something nice for your pup, it gets happier and happier. Check out the Happiness Meter to see how well you're doing.
  • Complete each task for the main 6 pups to unlock 3 bonus puppies!
  • Complete each task for all 9 puppies and you unlock a special certificate to download!