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Collect crunchy dog biscuits by bouncing Cupcake and Rebound into the air in this super-fun arcade game. When you've cleared all five bones with stars on them, you'll move to the next level. Regular mode alone has 15 levels ... and then there's Hard mode!

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1 AgentLuckyDragon80 12,955
2 SirAlienDancer00 12,755
3 LadyLuckyKitten07 12,105
4 SirAlienDancer00 10,620
5 RoyalAmazingChaos13 10,475
6 AgentCrystalHarmony16 10,125
7 SickPony2008 9,900
8 QueenCrystalDragon77 9,510
9 SirAlienDancer00 9,330
10 SirAlienDancer00 8,615
How To Play 

Collect bones by bouncing Cupcake and Rebound into the air. Using the arrow keys or mouse, move the seesaw back and forth to keep them bouncing. Move on to the next level by collecting all five bones with stars on them.

Earn special abilities by collecting Power Ups. In Hard mode, try to avoid the red Power Downs-they are bad!

Power-ups are active for a short period of time.