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About This Game 

Let your imagination off the leash with this great activity game! Choose one of the Pound Puppies' hangouts, then put characters from the show anywhere in it.  You can make them smaller, bigger, upside-down -- whatever you want. Add props, and then color everything however you like. Print your favorites, and start again. Arf!

Brought to you by Hasbro
How To Play 


  • Click on Fun Places at left to choose a background scene.
  • Click on a Fun Place in the top row to select it. 
  • Click the white triangles up top to see more Fun Places. 
  • Click the Favorite Characters circle at left, and choose them, above.
  • Do the same with Accessories. Place them anywhere in the scene. 
  • To resize Characters or Accessories, click and drag their box corners. 
  • To rotate, move the cursor just off any corner and drag.
  • Add colors! Click on a paint can below and touch the brush to anything.
  • To stop painting and move things, put the brush back in its holder.
  • When your scene is ready, click the Printer icon at bottom right.
  • Or do another one! Just click on the trashcan to clear the scene.