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About This Game 

It's an outrageous, contagious picture hunt! This board game is packed with silly, mixed-up, upside-down pictures. Quickly find pictures that match the category cards. Keep your eyes peeled: The board's always changing, and time is running out!

1 SirAlienDancer00 3,075
2 BaronessMaxDragon99 3,035
3 SirAlienDancer00 3,025
4 SirAlienDancer00 3,025
5 SirAlienDancer00 3,010
6 SirAlienDancer00 3,010
7 DoctorCleverPony11 2,985
8 SirAlienDancer00 2,970
9 SirAlienDancer00 2,940
10 SirAlienDancer00 2,935
How To Play 
  • Search the board for pictures that match the card categories.
  • When you see a match, click on it.
  • Stuck? Click the Pass button (X) to get a new card, or click on the Hint button.
  • Clear the card and rack up the points by finding as many hidden objects as the card shows.
  • Create a color streak bonus by clearing the same colored cards in order.
  • Earn more time and points by clicking on pictures that match multiple card categories.
  • Clearing a card gives doggie biscuits to Artie at the top of the screen.
  • Collect enough biscuits for Artie to move to the end of the corridor before time runs out.