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Put on a pony dance show for all your friends! Start with a rehearsal. Choose the moves to create your own dance. Select the music, set up the lights, and it's show time! Hit the Record button to film your show and send it to your friends.

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How To Play 
  • Choose from a single, dancing duet or group medley.
  • Pick your dancer or dancers.
  • Click on the buttons number 1-8 to select the dance moves.
  • Change the music by clicking on the music note.
  • Set the lights.
  • Press the pink dot to start recording your dance show.
  • Press the pink square to stop recording.
  • Press the pink triangle to reply your show.
  • If you’re happy with your dance show, click the purple heart to save it.
  • Name your performance, watch it, and send it to your friends.