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About This Game 

Twilight Sparkle helps you design and print invitations for all your parties! You choose a background pattern or scene, plus characters, decorations, and lots of different invite messages. Make it simple, or make it waaaaaay complicated! It's your party invitation, so have fun!

How To Play 
  • First, click the top heart at left to choose a background pattern or scene. Your choices are in the top row. Click the right arrow to see them all.
  • Next, you can choose characters, decorations, and messages. Again, just click on a heart, then choose the ones you like from the top row. 
  • Click the white arrow at the right to see more options. 
  • You can add as many ponies, decorations, and messages as you want! They always show up in the middle, so move them to be sure you see them all. 
  • To resize any element, just click on it and drag the corners of its box. 
  • To rotate, click on it, then move the cursor off any corner of the box and drag.
  • The eraser removes the last thing you added, moved, or resized. 
  • When your invite is ready, click the printer icon at bottom right. Or do another one! Just click on the trashcan to clear the scene.