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About This Game 

Twilight Sparkle loves words, and she's hidden lots of them on the magical board for you to find. You can spell words by clicking on the letters that touch each other. Special golden letters boost your score, but make sure you use the cursed green letters before they reach the bottom, or it's game over! 

How To Play 
  • You can build words using any tiles that touch each other, no matter what direction they go. 
  • Words have to be at least three letters long.
  • To unselect a letter, just click it again. 
  • When your word is valid, the screen says so. Click the last letter or "Submit."
  • Use special golden tiles to collect bonus points. 
  • Clearing special tiles will load the magic meter. Click on it when it's full to clear all the cursed tiles.
  • If a cursed green tile reaches the bottom of the screen, the game is over -- so clear them as soon as you can.
  • Click "Shuffle" if you're stuck without a word. Special tiles won't move, but the others will. 
  • Hint: Use hard green letters like J and Z as soon as possible, so they don’t reach the bottom and leave you stuck.