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About This Game 

Create and print your very own pony with The Fabulous PonyMaker! Express your personal pony style by choosing every part -- from the color of the eyes to what it's wearing! The possibilities are just about endless!

How To Play 
So you're going to create a pony! Sooo exciting!
  • Choose from the many categories at the bottom of the screen. 
  • In any category, use the slider at the left to explore and make your selections.
  • Start with the body shape. At the bottom, the word BODY is in a yellow outline.
  • So many choices!  Click the white arrow at bottom right to see even more.
  • When you can select colors, you'll see a little box at the top of the slider.
  • Click on it to see colors, then select the one you like, and move to the next part.
  • Don't forget to choose your background!
  • Want to see as many amazing ponies as possible? Click the Randomizer button!
  • When you love your new pony, click the printer button at the top to save it forever. Then create another one!