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Parasprites are cute, but they mean trouble! Help Fluttershy banish the swarm -- launch your Parasprites right into it. When your Parasprite forms a group of three or more of the same color, that group flies away. Clear all the Parasprites, and you go to the next level. 

1 SisterMagicalPony63 8,911
2 SisterMagicalPony63 7,031
3 LadySweetFire00 6,536
4 SisterMagicalPony63 5,611
5 ProfessorBrightHarmony19 5,340
6 LadySweetFire00 5,222
7 SisterMagicalPony63 4,682
8 SisterMagicalPony63 4,659
9 SisterMagicalPony63 4,616
10 ExtremeCrystalPony11 4,592
How To Play 
Launch Parasprites up towards the group in the center of the screen. Match three or more parasprites of the same color to clear them. Clear all Parasprites to complete the level!
At the bottom of the screen, Fluttershy has the Parasprite you'll launch next. You can press the SPACEBAR to switch between this Parasprite and the one on the launcher.
Use the mouse to aim the arrow. Use your left mouse button to launch a Parasprite. If the Parasprite you launched does not clear any Parasprites from the group, the 'SHOTS' meter will reduce by one. When that meter reaches zero, new Parasprites will join the group in the center.