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About This Game 
Help Rainbow Dash create a Sonic Rainboom to decorate the sky! You'll have to dodge all kinds of airborne obstacles to reach Rainboom speed, so fly carefully!
How To Play 
Your mission: Help Rainbow Dash create a Sonic Rainboom.
  • Choose a difficulty setting: Easy or Hard. After your selection, click on the game screen. This will now let you move Rainbow Dash.
  • Use the arrow keys to help her fly around obstacles.
  • Obstacles include clouds, birds, balloons, and Tank (with his magic helicopter).
  • When she runs into any obstacle, she loses speed.
  • The longer she goes without hitting an obstacle, the faster she flies. And the faster she flies, the faster the obstacles come at her, so look sharp!
  • You can track her progress on the Dash-O-Meter at the bottom.
  • Hint: If she flies near the top left, you can see obstacles coming and plan for them!