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About This Game 

Ready, set, race! Choose the ponies for your racing team, then see how quickly you can help each of them navigate the Ponyville course. The fastest time will win the highest honor: the Crystal Crown!

1 MegaMagicalPony12 61,137
2 TopSmartPony02 61,086
3 AlphaBrightFire00 61,086
4 MissPerfectHarmony11 61,086
5 ExtremeSweetPony11 61,086
6 LadyLightStar05 61,086
7 QueenMagicalMelody10 61,086
8 RoyalSuperSunshine00 61,086
9 AlphaMagicalBeauty10 61,086
10 MissPerfectHarmony11 61,086
How To Play 
  • First, choose your ponies. You'll need an Earth Pony, a Pegasus, and a Unicorn.
  • Use the arrow keys to Run, Duck, and Jump.
  • Use the space bar to perform a Super Jump (Earth Pony), a Dive Bomb (Pegasus), or Levitation Magic (Unicorn).
  • Eat apples to keep your ponies' energy up. A golden apple will max out your energy.
  • Avoid obstacles -- like water, branches, and a friendly cow -- that can slow you down.
  • Click on an Alchemy Bottle (or use keys 1-4 on the keyboard) to unleash special pony magic.
  • For a faster race time, pick up watch icons. These take time off the clock.
  • Pass through hoops for temporary speed boosts. Gold hoops make your ponies go even faster!
  • A different Pit Stop Challenge lies at the end of each level. The faster you complete it, the less time on your clock.
  • Remember -- it's a race! The better your time, the higher your rank. Reach the highest rank to unlock a special reward!