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About This Game 

Nobody loves a party more than Pinkie Pie! She needs your help matching party favors. Click and swap favors to make and clear away rows of three or more. You'll have to work fast to beat the clock and move to the next level of pony awesomeness!

How To Play 
  • The goal is to clear party favors away by matching them in vertical and horizontal rows of three or more.
  • To move them next to each other, click on one and then the one next to it so they swap places.
  • You can only match favors that are side-by-side or above one another.
  • As favors clear, new ones falling from above may make matches that clear the board automatically.
  • Fill up the Match Meter at bottom left by clearing the favors shown beneath it, and you'll finish your level sooner.
  • Look for the three power favors (or cannons) that give you a boost clearing a row, a column, or all favors of the same kind.
  • Hint: When you clear favors near the bottom, there's more room for falling favors to clear automatically and boost your score.