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Pinkie Pie loves, loves, LOVES cupcakes! Help her match the frosting with making sweet treats. And it's not a Pony party without some delicious cupcakes courtesy of Ponyville's favorite party girl.  See if you can beat the clock as you assemble tasty treats by matching Pinkie Pie's cupcake tops and bottoms.

1 DoctorSuperPower30 123,700
2 DoctorSuperPower30 103,100
3 PrincessScaryWarrior80 100,500
4 DoctorAlienGenius11 96,150
5 DoctorSuperPower30 91,500
6 DoctorAlienGenius11 85,900
7 DoctorAlienGenius11 84,200
8 DoctorSuperPower30 82,700
9 DoctorAlienGenius11 79,500
10 PrincessScaryWarrior80 79,500
How To Play 
  • You make cupcakes by clicking and dragging frosting tops onto the bottoms they match.
  • You can move one item or a whole stack. One top and one bottom make one cupcake, and two tops and two bottoms equal two cupcakes ... but three tops and one bottom are just one.  
  • Don't let a cupcake tower gets too high, or it'll start flashing and end the game.
  • You can use the cupcake piece in the Reserve Box whenever you need it.
  • Watch the Progress Bar -- don't run out of time before you've made enough cupcakes to move to the next level.
  • Hint: You can put tops of the same color in one stack and their matching bottoms in another stack. Then put the tops on the bottoms to make several cupcakes at once.