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About This Game 

Fluttershy is trying to get the songbirds to rehearse, and she needs your help! See if you can follow along and remind the birds how to sing their melodies. Once you've trained three songbirds, you'll get to train more, as their songs get more complicated! When you succeed, they sing a song just for you!

How To Play 
  • Choose your skill level: Easy, Medium, or Hard.
  • Click on the birds in the same order that they sing. It's all about remembering!
  • If you forget the melody, the song starts over from the beginning. 
  • Each time you get it right, the birds add another note to the melody.
  • Hint 1: Repeat the colors of the birds to yourself as they sing, then say them back as you click on them.
  • Hint 2: Imagine you're drawing a line between them as they sing.
  • Hint 3: Discover the memory method that works best for you!