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About This Game 

Help Pinkie Pie put together a music video! You choose the backgrounds, characters, special effects, and even the music! Then you can add the dialogue yourself as the video and music play!

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How To Play 
  • Mix and match backgrounds, characters, and effects to create your own music video.
  • To add a background, character, or effect, just click on a category up top, choose an item from the list, and then drag it to the boxes below. Remember, you can add up to 3 items per vertical row. 
  • Your music video will play in left to right order, so place items according to when you'd like them to appear.
  • Feel free to reuse backgrounds, characters, and effects as much as you like! There can never be too much Pinkie Pie!
  • You can remove an item from the boxes by dropping a different item on top of it or simply dragging it to the trashcan.
  • When you're done, choose a song and click the arrow to watch your creation!
  • Change the story! Make up new words! Have fun!