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About This Game 

Spike the Dragon has the burps! Now Twilight Sparkle's lessons of friendship to Princess Celestia are full of small differences. Help Twilight and Spike fix each message -- find the differences between the two lesson pictures. Princess Celestia is waiting!

How To Play 
  • Start by clicking the yellow arrow on the title screen.
  • Choose a puzzle from the 20 you see in the menu.
  • In each puzzle, five things are different between the two images. Click on each difference to earn shimmering sparkles.
  • Stuck? Click on the "?" button to show the differences you haven't found.
  • You won't earn shimmering sparkles if you use the "?" button.
  • Earn five shimmering sparkles to get a pony ribbon.
  • Click on Spike to send the lessons of friendship to Princess Celestia.
  • You'll earn achievements by collecting shimmering sparkles. Collect all 100 of them to get a special achievement!