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About This Game 

Choose from a variety of ponies, clothes and accessories to create your own magical vision of the spaces in and around Canterlot castle!

How To Play 
  • Start by clicking on the “Start” button on the title screen
  • Choose one of the three icons on the left side of the screen to populate your top menu with art.
  • Click on any item in the top menu and it will appear on the screen.
  • Click and drag any item on the screen to move it.
  • Click and drag on the corner of any item in the screen to make it bigger/smaller (some items will even rotate!)
  • Clicking on the eraser when an items is selected will erase that item.
  • Clicking on the eraser when no item is selected will erase the last item placed on the screen.
  • Clicking on the trash can will erase everything on the screen.
  • Clicking on the printer will print the page.