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About This Game 

Every pony needs a cutie mark -- what's yours? Create up to 20 new ponies! Play games with your friends from the My Little Pony TV show. Be a good friend and earn friendship sparkles -- they'll help you find your ponies' very own cutie marks. Your cutie mark adventure awaits!

How To Play 
  • Use your mouse to create, decorate, and name your very own pony.
  • Use the arrow keys to move your pony around Ponyville, and to play games and earn points.
  • Click on ponies to make new friends and play games together.
  • Unlock new clothing for your pony by earning points in the game.
  • Earn friendship sparkles by helping other ponies.
  • Fill the Friendship Sparkle Meter to discover your ponies' own cutie marks.
  • Win a special place in the Hall of Fame!