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About This Game 

Get ready to rock in this musical arcade game! Pick the pet, choose the jam, and dance along while keeping the beat to your favorite Littlest Pet Shop songs.

1 PrincessMegaStar12 36,253
2 PrincessMegaStar12 36,007
3 PrincessMagicalHarmony77 35,810
4 ProfessorTwistedKitten13 21,775
5 WickedSunshine8765 20,780
6 ProfessorTwistedKitten13 20,550
7 PrincessLuckyPony72 16,129
8 ExtremeFurryPuppy18 16,090
9 PrincessMegaStar12 14,191
10 PrincessMegaStar12 13,786
How To Play 
  • Start by first picking your pet. 
  • Then choose your keyboard setting. Choose CLASSIC to use keys A, S, D, J, K, and L or choose ROCKER to play your keyboard like a guitar. ROCKER mode uses keys 1, 2, 3, M, K, and O. 
  • Next choose your difficulty level. Choose EASY for a game that's not too hard, MEDIUM if you like a bit of a challenge, or HARD if you are the master of the beat! 
  • Finally, choose your song. Unlock a new song and a new pet by getting at least 3 stars or better on the previous song. 
  • To play, watch the colored discs as they move towards you. When they line up with the boxes at the bottom, press the matching key (or keys) on your keyboard.
  • If things get too challenging, click BACK to go back and choose an easier difficulty setting.