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About This Game 

Jem and the Holograms are jumbled up in this puzzle game, and need your help! You can spin rings, swap blocks, or clear them to solve these truly, truly outrageous puzzles. Three levels keep it interesting. Speed counts -- can you beat your best time?

How To Play 

Choose how you're going to put the puzzle together: Swap, Spin, or Clear.

Swap: Click on two blocks to switch their spots in the puzzle. Blocks flash when they're in the right spot. Keep swapping till you solve the puzzle.

Spin: Line up each ring to its correct position to unscramble the puzzle. Click and drag your mouse to spin the rings. Release the mouse to set them. Each ring locks into place when you've got it just right.

Clear: Place the shapes to clear away the gray and reveal the puzzle picture. Drag each shape over the puzzle. Click to use that shape. Can't use a shape? Click the trashcan to get a new one!