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About This Game 

Framed for a crime they didn’t commit, the Joes are on the run! Battle your way through 20 different missions in this exciting strategy game to find and defeat COBRA and restore G.I. Joe's reputation.  Choose the right strategies, weapons, and team for each mission. The chase is on!

1 AlienDragon0987 14,184
2 AlphaInvincibleWarrior01 13,557
3 AlienDragon0987 13,181
4 AlphaAmazingWolf17 13,124
5 AlienDragon0987 12,813
6 AlphaInvincibleWarrior01 12,786
7 AlphaAmazingWolf17 12,412
8 AlienDragon0987 12,124
9 AlienDragon0987 12,124
10 AlienDragon0987 12,123
How To Play 

• Click soldiers to move them on the map. Click again to pick a weapon.
• Rescue innocent victims! Survive enemy ambushes! Complete all 20 missions to knock out the enemy!
• Use terrain, vehicles, buildings, and special attacks to beat COBRA.
• Earn medals to upgrade your units, weapons, and combat abilities.
• Each completed mission brings you closer to finding COBRA's secret Weapons of Mass Destruction -- and the proof of your innocence!