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About This Game 

Yahtzee is about rolling dice for BIG points. Take on this classic board game and see how high you can score!

1 DukeExtraBeauty06 742
2 TwistedWolf9001 739
3 BaronGrimGenius33 728
4 BaronGrimGenius33 643
5 DoctorCleverPony11 639
6 BaronAlienBlade01 632
7 TwistedWolf9001 632
8 BaronAlienBlade01 631
9 BaronAlienBlade01 630
10 PrincessLuckyChaos04 628
How To Play 

Yahtzee is about rolling dice for points. The object is to get as high a score as possible!

  • You have 13 rounds of play.
  • Click the cup to roll the dice. You can roll them up to three times per round.
  • Click the dice to hold some of them, and click the cup again to roll the others.
  • When you have a roll you like, click a score category to place the score in it.
  • Each category can be filled only once, so make sure you plan ahead!Be sure to read the "How to Play" section in the game, and check out the TIPS page.