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About This Game 

Take aim and slide! Hit the bullseye with your pawns for maximum points in this new twist on the classic board game! Watch where you fling that pawn -- you could accidentally tip one of your own pawns out of play. The more points you get, the faster you can move your scoring pawns HOME for the win.

1 SisterCrystalPony00 300
2 DoctorTwistedFire08 300
3 GeneralFunnyBlade22 300
4 AlphaAncientDragon01 300
5 DeanCrystalHoney62 300
6 GeneralFunnyBlade22 300
7 UltraSmartDancer00 300
8 BaronessLovelyMaiden97 300
9 BaronessBrightBeauty86 300
10 GeneralWickedGamer82 300
How To Play 
  • Move the mouse and click to set your pawn's position. Aim left or right. Wait for the pawn to fill up with strength, then click to launch!
  • Launch your four pawns as close to the center of the target as you can for the highest points.
  • Bump your opponents' pawns to lower their scores.
  • Watch out! Don't topple your own pawns! Tipping any pawn takes it out of play.
  • Use your points to move each of your pawns HOME in the scoring round.
  • The first player to move all four scoring pawns HOME wins.