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About This Game 

The classic board game is now better than ever! Score four in a row to win! It's four games in one for tons more fun.

1 AdmiralCleverAx01 8,000
2 PrincessLovelyKitten33 8,000
3 AdmiralCleverAx01 7,000
4 PrincessLovelyKitten33 7,000
5 AdmiralCleverAx01 6,000
6 PrincessLovelyKitten33 6,000
7 AdmiralCleverAx01 5,000
8 PrincessLovelyKitten33 5,000
9 AdmiralCleverAx01 4,000
10 AlphaLightFire99 4,000
How To Play 

Face a series of harder challenges, smarter opponents, and trickier rules. Overcome each challenge in the campaign to unlock cool features in the other modes.

  • Classic: Create a line of four same-color checkers horizontally, vertically, or diagonally to win the round.
  • Power chips: Smash! Block! Explode! Play with Power Chips to maximize your score and crush your opponent.
  • Connect 4x4: You get a double-layered board -- get four in a row in any direction!
  • Ultimate Duel: Same rules as Connect 4x4, but you control TWO colors at once! Beat the Genius CPU in Ultimate Duel mode to become the Connect 4 master!