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About This Game 

You have to think fast to be a BOP IT! Pinball Master. Bop, shake, pull, and twist your way to a high score in this challenging arcade game.

1 DoctorCleverPony11 143,732
2 DoctorCleverPony11 95,775
3 DoctorCleverPony11 81,533
4 DoctorCleverPony11 78,853
5 AdmiralAmazingWarrior14 72,000
6 DoctorCleverPony11 64,721
7 DoctorCleverPony11 58,439
8 DoctorCleverPony11 54,373
9 AdmiralAmazingWarrior14 48,740
10 DoctorCleverPony11 45,178
How To Play 

Listen to the commands and make your move!

  • Bop It: Bop the spacebar.
  • Pull It: Click and hold the left mouse button and drag the mouse toward you.
  • Shake It: Click and hold the left mouse button and shake the mouse from side to side.
  • Twist It: Use any arrow key to twist it.