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About This Game 

It's Dan vs. the Dentist, Canada and Fancy Restaurants as Dan tries to extract revenge against the most nefarious of foes in this super fun action game! You'll face off against the evil Dr. Pullem, the Yeti and Chef Puree as you run, jump, and snack your way to satisfaction.

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How To Play 
  • You want to beat the level and move up the next challenge.
  • Use the arrow keys to run, duck, and jump.
  • Fill up your Jerk-O-Meter to defeat Dan's archenemies!
  • First Aid bags give you extra health.
  • Spray Bottles provides temporary invincibility.
  • Call Chris for a boost, but call Elise if you're really in trouble.
  • The "Fist of Dan" boosts your Jerk-O-Meter.
  • Pick up Dan's shoes temporarily boost running and jumping power!
  • Watch out for obstacles than can slow Dan down or take away health.
  • Shiny Vs. coins are worth 10 points, while tasty snacks are each good for 50 points.
  • You get bonus points for collecting all coins and beating a level before time runs out.