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About This Game 

Six very different teens come together to solve a mystery ... which member of the CLUE crew do you think you most resemble?  Take this interactive quiz and find out.  Just answer the seven questions and see if you're most like Agnes, or Dmitri, or Liz, or Lucas, or Seamus, or Whitney!

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How To Play 
  • You're answering questions to help identify which CLUE character is most like you.
  • Click on the answer that feels most like you, then click the SUBMIT button.
  • When you've answered seven questions, you'll get your answer!
  • Don't like your answer? Take the quiz again, and you'll get new questions.
  • You can turn off the music by clicking on the note icon at top right.
  • Need a clue? Click on the question mark icon at top right to get help.